We tried to make installation and operation of the Green Image very fast and simple, so that everyone could take her. Already in a few steps you can set up your own tropical or desert garden, without using of specialized tools. Set of the installation includes:

  • white frame molded by hand;
  • Felt fill in the form 12 pockets to be filled;
  • automatic irrigation system with timer;
  • 12 felt sheets of 30 × 30 cm for the root system;
  • wall mount.

The set does not include plants.

  1. Measure two points at a height of 195cm and 50cm distance from each other in a straight line from the floor. Then attach the handle to the level of pre-selected points and uncheck space for drilling. After drilling the holes, fixes the holder by means of screws. The Green Image is now ready to hang on the wall.
  2. Pour 3 liters of water to a designated container, which is located in the lower part of the frame. To ease this step, you need to gently deflect the fabric from the frame and fill with water.
  3. Now, test irrigation system. Connected Green Image to the outlet (without timer) for 3-5 minutes. After this time, check if the hose (upper part of the Green Image), emits water – if so, it means that the system is working properly.
  4. But if after 5 minutes the system is not irrigated, it must be vented. Remove the cap from the hose (the upper part of the frame, left side) and check if the water began to flow. When you vented the hose, insert the plug back.
  5. If the system is working properly, disconnect the wire plug from the power and start to fill up Green Image with selected plants, following the instructions for planting [see above].
  6. Then connect the wire plug to the programmer. Set the watering program, appropriate to the type of plants that are used in the arrangement. The most optimal set cycle 20/30 minutes a day, in the morning.
  7. The last step is to connect the programmer to the 230V outlet.

Congratulations – you have just done yourself your own vertical garden! Have fun with Green Image.

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