Green Image is the result of inspiration environmental trends and the desire to restore the living, growing greenery in the concrete space of everyday life. Daily rush, work and responsibilities – we need a place that will help us to relax, let us take a breath and get some distance. Such place can be a garden – but we don’t always have the opportunity to take advantage of it. Our wall gardens are a great alternative for conventional forms of greenery, especially in the absence of adequate space. The variety of plants is the key to creating striking patterns and unique gardens. Green images are primarily an artistic expression of the harmony of colors and shapes, created by the compositions of live plants.

We present you an innovative solution to homes, but also galleries, offices, hotels and restaurants. Plants improve each interior – they become more friendly and natural, and we are willing to remain in them for longer. Vertical gardens will fill every space with life, give it a unique character and appearance, improving mood of residents and visitors. Our offer is directed to people who expects the highest service quality. We create unique handmade objects, we make them on the customer request.

Green Image is an ecological product, made from recycled materials. Thus, it is free of carcinogenic compounds and completely hypoallergenic. The structure of our Green Image was tested and patented in the European Union. The image is filled with a soft cloth – non-toxic, stable and virtually indestructible. Eco-friendly material creates a perfect environment for tropical plants and succulents. With our concept of interconnecting different irrigation systems and materials, the green wall becomes a turning point in the cultivation of plants in the private and public space.

Green images are a response to the need to:

  • daily contact with nature;
  • having your own garden;
  • esthetic and beautifully designed interiors at the same time;
  • healthy and friendly workplace;
  • raise the prestige and trust of the customers.

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